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Note: All videos and most photos on this site are provided by community members.

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Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download a Google file and then open. Click to download.

Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download this Google file and then open. Click to download.

For more information on using Google Earth to explore Finca Las Brisas, click here.




 Waterfalls, beaches, turtle nesting & trips to the other side of the property

Every time we go to Costa Rica to work on a project it is a little like a vacation. But in January about 17 of us traveled together to Nosara Costa Rica. Some of us were already property owners at Finca Las Brisas in the hills above Samara, others are consultants for self sustainable communities, some interested in property for sale in Costa Rica, and some looking for adventure vacations in Costa Rica.

People on the tour include: Tad, Fred, Molly, Mark, Andy, Allie, Ray, Darlene, Ben, Chris, Aleta, Al, Brad, Keith, Wayne, Vicki, and Madeline would all agree that we just had a great time. We were also joined by our finca friends: Howie, Christoph, Coto, Alberto, and others.

Our first adventure started the first night we arrived in Liberia. We drove directly to the property anxious to see the new road we just put in to the Finca and by the time we decided to leave it was pitch black out and without the light pollution we are accustom to when it gets dark you can't see one foot in front of another. We had also improved the road to Zaragoza for our neighbors so we decided to drive that back way over the mountain to Nosara. So our caravan of SUVs headed up the new dirt road up and over the mountain. If you haven't been to Costa Rica then you wouldn't unOlive Ridley Turtlederstand the adventure, but this was nothing less than a dirt path leading several miles up the tallest mountain in the area. We got lost, kids where a bit scared at times, but we eventually arrived in Nosara at the Lagarta Lodge tired, dirty, and thirsty.

We did so many things in one very short week. Listed below is just a sampling of our activities:

  • One night at Playa Ostional a guide took us to see the sea turtles laying eggs (click to read about Arribadas - the annual nesting of olive ridley sea turtles) in the Ostional Wildlife Refuge.

  • Swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding on many of the area beaches

  • Hiking Finca Las Brisas

  • Daily sunsets from Finca Las Brisas, area beaches, and the Lagarta Lodge in Nosara

  • Horse back riding in the mountains and on the Finca

  • Swimming and diving in the many falls and pools at Finca Las Brisas

  • We sponsored a fiesta at the three student school house next to the Finca as a fund raiser for the school and a way for us to meet our neighbors. Over 100 people came to eat amazing food, including pork from two pigs from the school teacher that were prepared the day before. We also watched the futbol game played by two local teams and drank beer and soft drinks


Aleta on one of the Nosara beaches



Below and to the right are a few of the pictures taken:

January Eco Tourism Vacation in Costa Rica new Nosara

adventure vacations in Costa Rica by Finca Las Brisas

Costa Rica self sustainable communities

adventure vacations in Costa Rica

Eco Tourism Vacation in Costa Rica by the Pacific Ocean self sustainable communities in Costa Rica
The 60ft falls by the corral Molly and Ray  Andy and Al Darlene, Ben and Andy Al Tad Andy, Molly, Madeline, Allie, Ben, Fred





Ben & Andy at Gildded Iguana after the day boogie boarding

Fiesta: Christoph's wife Magda

M. Coto show his drawing for the guard house
Fiesta: Keith, Ray, Al & Wayne
Two happy boys
Fiesta: Madeline
Fiesta: Dar and Howie
Wayne, Fred, Tad and Brad
Evening gathering
 Brad jamming at local bar
 Andy & Ben under a shade tree at the finca
Drying coffee beans on the road above the finca
Finca Las brisas property for sale in Costa Rica near Playa Nosara and Playa Samara
Group dinner at the Tropicale
 Alberto the school teacher, Ray & Mark
 Fred won the fiesta prize which was a bottle of the local drink and we were drinking!
 Fred, Tad & Chris
Finca Las Brisas corral
 Coto & Christoph
 Fiesta at the school house
Al & Chris
Fiesta: Aleta with new friend
Allie, Andy & Ben


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Located (near Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Garza, Playa Buenavista, Playa Guiones, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional, and Playa San Juanilla) on the Nicoya Peninsula overlooking  the Pacific coast of Costa Rica