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An ecologically focused community overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste, Costa Rica






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Note: All videos and most photos on this site are provided by community members.

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Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download a Google file and then open. Click to download.

Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download this Google file and then open. Click to download.

For more information on using Google Earth to explore Finca Las Brisas, click here.




To develop Costa Rica real estate in a way that is beneficial to the environment, the wildlife and the local people.  

 Finca Las Brisas ecological nature community


A select offering of Costa Rica property for sale is available by Finca Las Brisas. The Costa Rica property (individual lots) listed on this page are 5,000 square meters (1.25 acres minimum, some slightly larger) and are available at the prices listed below (prices subject to change at the discretion of FLB).


Currently the membership of Finca Las Brisas is comprised of family, friends and other people who share a common interest in developing a nature-based green community that makes a positive contribution to surrounding local residents and the environment. We have no guiding social, political, or spiritual philosophy driving the development of the community, other than the desire to do it the right way. To develop Costa Rica real estate in a way that is beneficial to the environment, the wildlife and the local people.


Finca Las Brisas could well fit under the umbrella of the cohousing movement with a serious emphasis on the environment which could certainly move us closer to the ecovillage concept except that we have no spiritual dimension and no intent to have an active part or identify with a social movement. We are not making any attempt to encourage or discourage any spiritual belief system or pursuit other than a genuine respect for the environment and culture. A respect, we hope, that will guide the ecological design, all ecological building practices and land use including organic gardens, responsible husbandry and reforestation.


We think the term EcoCommunity best describes us. We are a small development with 26 lots. We are striving to be genuine, we work with the locals, part of the finances are budgeted for the local community and we work hard to employ the people in the immediate area. We have shared environmentally sensitive and protected areas that we all maintain. We are starting a reforestation project to strengthen the fragile and disappearing dry forests. We are protecting the watershed for all of the people that live down river. We are building a place for people who care more about an authentic experience with the local people, culture and nature than they do about flat screen TVs, profit/cost ratios, security lights, quads, privacy, or air conditioning.


To develop Costa Rica realestate in a way that is beneficial to the environment, the wildlife and the local people.

The photo to the left is one of our very first reforestation meetings at the local one-room school one kilometer from Finca Las Brisas.


In addition, we envision a protected reserve-like property with a system of well maintained trails that can be enjoyed by our families and friends for generations. 










Community Objectives

Costa Rica Real Estate: Connection to the people


Establish compelling and integrated physical structures, systems and programs that ensure meaningful relationships amongst members and a  sustainable connection with our environment



Real Estate Costa Rica: Appreciation of value and enjoyment


To increase the value of each member’s investment by creating a community that can be enjoyed for generations and by reaching each of the other objectives.


Cost Rica Real Estate: Community of people


Initiate and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial socio-economic relationships with local, regional, and global communities


Real Estate: Discovery and learning


Foster discovery and education with the natural environment and the sustainable practices that we deploy 



Real Estate Costa Rica: Sustainability


Help restore the land to a tropical dry forest and protect the water shed. Establish and maintain community integrated common areas consisting of aesthetically pleasing edible landscapes and garden areas that provide fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for all community members.  To simultaneously provide meaningful land and forest restoration work, organic gardening and educational opportunities for neighboring Costa Ricans as well as community members and visitors.


Defining Characteristics of Finca Las Brisas:

1) Members privately own their lots and build their own homes according to the architectural and ecological guidelines agreed to by the community.


2) Members represent a variety of religious, social, political, and spiritual backgrounds. 


3) Finca Las Brisas is a small community with 26 lots listed in the national registry.


5) We work with the locals. We seek ways to benefit the local communities.


6) We carefully conserve our water and manage our waste and sewage.


7) Energy conservation and use of renewable sources are foremost in our thinking.


8) The community has a high level of environmental consciousness with a commitment to incorporate green building techniques and on site materials whenever possible, thus minimizing the impact of construction upon the natural environment. 


9) We blend with the environment.


10) All members sign an agreement that they will not lease or sell their house to a person or persons who do not wish to participate fully in the community and promote the ecological guidelines.


11) Management of the community is through a homeowners association and committees carry out all aspects of governance.


12) Members contribute to the shared and protected areas.


13) Members participate in the design, development and management of the community.


14) The site plan encourages a sense of community. The private residences are clustered on the site, leaving more green, and shared open space.


15) A community center will serve as the common space for recreation, business activities, social gatherings, meetings, and relaxation.




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Located (near Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Garza, Playa Buenavista, Playa Guiones, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional, and Playa San Juanilla) on the Nicoya Peninsula overlooking  the Pacific coast of Costa Rica